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08 Apr

The Osprey Have Returned

The osprey on Hog Island in Maine have returned for the 2014 season. And it is so good to see them! With the winter being so much colder this year and the snow sticking around for so much longer, it seemed that spring would never get here. But when the osprey come back, it means […]

21 Dec

A Cold Winter Solstice

¬†Winter Solstice has arrived – the shortest day of the year in daylight hours. Even though winter has just begun and the hardest weather is yet to come, there is consolation in the fact that each day is getting a bit longer. Of course the longer and shorter days don’t matter as much as one […]

12 Oct

A Great Series

The last episode of the Earthflight series on the Nature show by PBS aired this week. Each one of the shows was a joy to watch. I didn’t think the last one would be as good as the previous ones as I figured it would be mostly technical, but I was very wrong. It was […]

04 Sep

Earthflight Nature Show on PBS

12 Nov

Hummingbird Cam

This past summer I did several posts about the Osprey cams that we enjoyed watching during the season. A t that time I had discovered a Hummingbird one as well, but she was at the end of her season, so we didn’t get the full story. But her season has begun again, and she will […]

05 Oct

Blue Honey?

The bees in France have gotten very creative in the honey making. And the beekeepers are not at all impressed with their creativeness. It seems they were limited in the amount of sugar they could find to produce their honey due to a harsh winter season, so they went for the next best thing that […]

26 Aug

Osprey Update

The nest was finished, the eggs hatched, and all three babies have fledged. Rachel and Steve, the Osprey pair that we have watched all summer, are now teaching their offspring the fine art of feeding themselves. Every once and a while, Sky, Ollie, or Sibley will make their way back to the nest in hopes […]

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