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24 Dec

Fall Softly Snow

  Trying something new by posting a music video. I thought this beautiful one was perfect for Christmas Eve. It is titled: Fall Softly Snow, and it is sung by Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius. Wishing all my readers around the world very Happy Holidays. May your day be filled with peace and love […]

20 Nov

The Harpy Eagle

The Nature show on PBS featured the Harpy Eagle of South America on this past week’s episode. Known as the “Jungle Eagle,” these remarkable birds stand three feet tall and have a six foot wingspan. Their sharp talons are as long as a bear’s claw, and they use these massive talons to catch monkeys and […]

13 Mar

Dolphins Creating and Playing

I don’t usually post videos on this blog, but I saw this story on the news a couple of nights ago, and was happy to find out there was more about it online. I don’t know how many of you caught the newscast, but I found these dolphins to be totally amazing. They form ring […]

09 Jun

Mean Penguin

Found this funny video on youtube. That poor penguin

06 Jun

The Dam

After a bit of rain overnight we stopped at the dam to see how it was flowing. We had a very high snowfall this winter, and spring has been rather dry, so we are considered to be in a drought as far as rainfall goes. For yearly precipitation though, we are above normal, so I […]

02 Jun

Speedbag Video

Figured out how to do this – but only with a link. I would like to have it show a video – back to digging. edited: got it!

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