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13 Aug

Perseid Meteor Showers

The Perseid Meteors are in full force at this time of the year. The prime time to see them is during the new moon phase, which is the darkest it gets during the moon cycle. This year, the best dates to view them is August 12 and 13. We went out last night after midnight, […]

25 Jun

Osprey Webcam in Maine

We have been enjoying a webcam in the nest of an Osprey for the last week or so. The cam is maintained by the Audubon Society and the location is in Bremen, Maine, a small town along the coast. Set high in a 30 foot tower, the nest overlooks the water where the pair fish […]

02 Oct

Can’t Eat That

I heard on a PBS show this morning that people are starting to get back to the basics. The basics of gardening and having a few chickens around for eggs and meat. They went on to show how quickly and inexpensively one could build a chicken coop. Sounded pretty awesome to me. Then the rest […]

04 Sep

Autumn Sneaking Up

It has begun to sneak slowly upon us. This season of Autumn. The mums are in the markets and displaying their autumn hues. The leaves are falling quickly from the Ash trees in the yard. The thermometer is reading 89 degrees this Labor Day weekend. Summer is finding it so hard to let go. But […]

06 Aug

Cardinal Visitor

I have had a couple pairs of Northern Cardinals around for years. Their song is as gorgeous as their bright red color. I find them to be rather timid, and they fly away at the slightest movement or sound. Each summer they raise their young who are very easy to spot as their feathers are […]

23 Jul

It Was a Fight to the End

An image of our lake – on a calm day, with no one around. We swim every night at this lake – most times we have it to ourselves. The families have left, the boats are docked, and the place is all ours. But these past few days have seen temps over 100 degrees. And […]

27 Jun

Eye Level in the Water

We have been back to swimming in the lake for about two weeks now. And the season so far has been grand for it. Most evenings we have the entire swim area to ourselves, and it couldn’t be more serene. No boats out during the weekdays to make any waves. No splashing and screaming from […]

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