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08 Apr

The Osprey Have Returned

The osprey on Hog Island in Maine have returned for the 2014 season. And it is so good to see them! With the winter being so much colder this year and the snow sticking around for so much longer, it seemed that spring would never get here. But when the osprey come back, it means […]

15 May

Screech Owl

Getting ready for bed the other night, I paused beside the open window to listen to an Owl hooting not too far away. I love to hear their call just as much as I love to listen to the other birds during the day. It was a little bit before five o’clock in the morning […]

12 Jun

Stripers are Biting

We took a trip to the ocean one day last week. We hadn’t visited the coast since last autumn, so it was a much needed visit. We stopped at one of our favorite spots, and we came across a couple of fishermen with their lines cast out in the harbor. They had a pretty good […]

24 May

Feeding the Robins

I love to feed the birds. Seed for the seed eaters. Suet especially for the woodpeckers. Nectar for the hummers. And cracked corn and bread crumbs for the ground birds. I get a big variety of birds to the feeders and all are pretty happy. But I feel bad for the robins – they don’t […]

01 May

An Ocean of Calamine Lotion

The song has been singing in my head these last two days: It’s gonna take an ocean Of Calamine lotion Poison Ivyyyyyyyyy Poison Ivyyyyyyyyy That’s me – I’ve got it all over and could use that ocean. I have a pretty good eye for it – it has been my enemy for the past thirty […]

15 Apr

Spring Peepers

I heard them for the first time this year. The Spring Peepers are in chorus in the swamps and ponds in our area. That usually means that spring has officially arrived. These little frogs are hard to find, and they can live up to three years in the wild. Just as dusk begins to fall, […]

07 Apr

Worried for the Lilacs

They started growing their leaves this year as it was so hot so early. Then the temps went back down to normal for this time of the year. But the Lilac bushes are already getting their flower buds. This doesn’t usually happen until the beginning of May. And towards the end of May they are […]

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