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27 Aug

The Sport of Noodling

I had never heard of of this sport until last night when we were watching PBS. Noodling is the sport of catching huge flathead catfish with one’s bare hands. No rod, reel, bait, or equipment of any kind. Just a man, searching in the holes where these giant fish live, and pulling them out with […]

03 Sep

Something in the Water

If you have been reading any of my blogs over this past summer, then you know that my husband and I have been swimming just about everyday since the beginning of July. We have only missed a handful of days due to the weather – bad weather because we even swim in the rain. We […]

17 Oct

The Turkey Saga

Another post on hunting – but it is too funny to not tell it. Turkey hunting in our state was brought back a couple of years ago and it came with some pretty strict rules. We happen to live in the small section of the state that allows it, so my son shelled out big […]

02 Apr

Planning a Fishing Trip

The ice hasn’t even completely melted off the top of the pond yet, but the boys are already planning a fishing trip during their April school vacation. It should be gone by the end of the month when vacation arrives, but the evenings and most of the nights will still be below freezing. Last year […]

27 Jul

Fishing and Hunting

The boys like to spend their free time doing some fishing in the summer and some hunting in the fall and winter. They always invite me along – and I go – mainly for their company and the walking and photos I can capture along the way. They have various 5.11 gear and tools that […]

20 Jun

Golf Waterfall

This is a little waterfall at the Mini Golf Course that we recently played at. Built a couple years ago, the course was beautifully designed into the side of a hill. It is pleasant to view as well as play a round of miniature golf.

02 Jun

Speedbag Video

Figured out how to do this – but only with a link. I would like to have it show a video – back to digging. edited: got it!

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