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19 Dec

Fantasy Fudge

I had made a post on one of my other blogs and I used a photo of chocolate fudge I had taken a while back. One of my reader’s, Anna, over at My Only Photo, requested the recipe. I have been busily making quite a few batches of this fudge and peanut butter fudge too. […]

06 Jul

So Delicious – Shrimp Primavera

This is such a delicious dish. We use shrimp quite often, but I have also made it with chicken, and it is just as good. After trying a frozen stir fry of this dish, I decicided to try making it myself, and it is so easy. And if you watch the sales, it can be […]

22 Nov

Grandmother’s Applesauce

I remember each time I make it.  I never fail to think of my grandmother. She used to make it for us, and it was the best – so much better than the ones in the jar that my mother used. Eating it cold is my favorite way of having it. Grandma always knew the […]

13 Aug

Whoopie Pies

The afternoon was spent making a batch of home made Whoopie Pies. I remember these as a little girl growing up, and I use the same recipe my Mom used when she made these treats. We always double the filling part of the recipe.  Don’t like to skimp on the cream – the thicker the […]

25 Jun

Cracker Bread

After discovering Armenian Cracker Bread at the market, we were dismayed to find they were no longer going to be carrying it. Since we could not find any more anywhere else, we decided to make it ourselves. With some help from the internet, we tried a couple recipes, and found this one to be the […]

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