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21 Dec

A Cold Winter Solstice

¬†Winter Solstice has arrived – the shortest day of the year in daylight hours. Even though winter has just begun and the hardest weather is yet to come, there is consolation in the fact that each day is getting a bit longer. Of course the longer and shorter days don’t matter as much as one […]

04 Sep

Earthflight Nature Show on PBS

31 Jan

National Geographic Photos

National Geographic has a page that showcases a “Photo of the Day“ Today’s choice shows a little town in Italy that is shrouded in fog. I took a look at some of the previous days and they are pretty awesome. If you get a minute, check it out, there are some gems in that collection!

07 Jan

Yellowstone Park at Christmas

The Nature show on PBS featured this great episode a couple of weeks ago. It was titled: Christmas in Yellowstone. The photography is superb and the show was a joy to watch. I am looking forward to when this one is rebroadcast. The lady who narrated it had the perfect voice and tone as she […]

11 Feb

Starlings in the Balkans

We watched the Nature show on PBS again, and I just had to share this one with you. Check out that photo – do you have any idea what it is of? The episode was about the Wild Balkans and it featured the most beautiful wildlife and photography of the rare animals and landscapes in […]

31 Oct

One Quick Praying Mantis

I was quite upset this past month when I opened my November issue of my National Geographic magazine and found this image. It was taken by Sharon Fullingim who could not believe what she was seeing. She mentions that the discarded hummingbird was dropped under the feeder when the praying mantis had finished with it, […]

31 Aug

National Geographic Wallpapers

Can you tell what this image is? I found it on the National Geographic site where they offer free downloads to use as wallpapers for your computer. They had so many great ones to choose from that I had a really hard time deciding. I chose the above image which was taken just off the […]

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