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13 Aug

Perseid Meteor Showers

The Perseid Meteors are in full force at this time of the year. The prime time to see them is during the new moon phase, which is the darkest it gets during the moon cycle. This year, the best dates to view them is August 12 and 13. We went out last night after midnight, […]

08 Apr

The Osprey Have Returned

The osprey on Hog Island in Maine have returned for the 2014 season. And it is so good to see them! With the winter being so much colder this year and the snow sticking around for so much longer, it seemed that spring would never get here. But when the osprey come back, it means […]

21 Dec

A Cold Winter Solstice

¬†Winter Solstice has arrived – the shortest day of the year in daylight hours. Even though winter has just begun and the hardest weather is yet to come, there is consolation in the fact that each day is getting a bit longer. Of course the longer and shorter days don’t matter as much as one […]

05 Dec

A Cold Winter

The Old Farmer’s Almanac has always been a fun read for us New Englanders. Checking out what they have to say about the weather and the coming winter season is my favorite part. Well, this year, they are predicting a much colder than normal winter. We don’t usually take too much stock in what they […]

07 Oct

Autumn Splendor

Most of the swamp maples in our area have reached their peak of bright colors. Caught at just the right time of the day, their colors seem to glow. The rest of trees will reach their peak this weekend – right on time as always. Autumn has always been my favorite season here in New […]

04 Sep

Earthflight Nature Show on PBS

15 May

Screech Owl

Getting ready for bed the other night, I paused beside the open window to listen to an Owl hooting not too far away. I love to hear their call just as much as I love to listen to the other birds during the day. It was a little bit before five o’clock in the morning […]

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