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14 Feb

Earth From Space on NOVA

We watched a great show show last night on PBS’s show NOVA. It was titled: Earth From Space. It was a two hour special that we didn’t even know was on until we discovered it while going through the channels – so glad we caught it from the beginning. It was a very well put […]

19 Apr

Enjoying a Good Book

I’ve been taking a few breaks these days. A few breaks here and there to read a book. I haven’t done this in years – since the kids were in school and we would visit the library each week. As a youngster and through high school, I made a couple of trips each week to […]

12 Mar

Love the Spring Feel

The boots have been put away for another year. I hope. I know it is a bit early to be retiring them, but the beautiful weather has got to me. And from looking at the extended forecast, it is supposed to stick around for the next week. Right through the first day of spring – […]

05 Dec

Mystery Solved!

It all began the end of last winter. We started hearing a rattling vibration just under the floor in our bedroom. It would wake us up in the middle of the night. The first few times my heart was beating so quickly, I was sure it was going to burst. It would happen each night, […]

03 Dec

Old Reruns

We never had cable hooked up to our TV. The old antenna on top of the roof is the only thing we have ever used for reception. Up until a couple of years ago, it was enough to get all the major channels. When broadcasting went digital, we were left with only a couple of […]

10 Oct

It Was A Woodpecker

The little pieces of chipped tree kept floating down just outside the window by my computer. It kept grabbing my eye as I was working, so after a bit, I went outside to see what was going on. There was a perfectly round hole in one of the branches in the tree beside my window. […]

06 Aug

Cardinal Visitor

I have had a couple pairs of Northern Cardinals around for years. Their song is as gorgeous as their bright red color. I find them to be rather timid, and they fly away at the slightest movement or sound. Each summer they raise their young who are very easy to spot as their feathers are […]

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