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21 Dec

A Cold Winter Solstice

¬†Winter Solstice has arrived – the shortest day of the year in daylight hours. Even though winter has just begun and the hardest weather is yet to come, there is consolation in the fact that each day is getting a bit longer. Of course the longer and shorter days don’t matter as much as one […]

24 Dec

Fall Softly Snow

  Trying something new by posting a music video. I thought this beautiful one was perfect for Christmas Eve. It is titled: Fall Softly Snow, and it is sung by Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius. Wishing all my readers around the world very Happy Holidays. May your day be filled with peace and love […]

07 Jan

Yellowstone Park at Christmas

The Nature show on PBS featured this great episode a couple of weeks ago. It was titled: Christmas in Yellowstone. The photography is superb and the show was a joy to watch. I am looking forward to when this one is rebroadcast. The lady who narrated it had the perfect voice and tone as she […]

31 Dec

A Most Happy New Year

Time to begin a new year once again. They seem to come faster and faster each year. Some thirty years ago, my mother-in-law used to tell me – the older you get the faster the years go. Being only twenty, I couldn’t relate. Needless to say, the dear lady was right. Wishing a most Happy […]

24 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving!

Giving Thanks for a beautiful, loving family. Giving Thanks for the delicious food we eat. Giving Thanks for our home that has kept us warm and safe. Giving Thanks that we live in a country where we can dream and achieve. And Giving Thanks to the Men and Women who work to keep it that […]

04 Sep

Autumn Sneaking Up

It has begun to sneak slowly upon us. This season of Autumn. The mums are in the markets and displaying their autumn hues. The leaves are falling quickly from the Ash trees in the yard. The thermometer is reading 89 degrees this Labor Day weekend. Summer is finding it so hard to let go. But […]

30 Dec

Happy New Year!

I swear these New Year celebrations are coming faster each year. Old fuddies that we are, we will be spending the evening and the next day watching videos and eating great meals with some extra snacks in between. Perhaps a walk if the weather permits – not much into all the football games that will […]

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