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23 Jul

It Was a Fight to the End

An image of our lake – on a calm day, with no one around. We swim every night at this lake – most times we have it to ourselves. The families have left, the boats are docked, and the place is all ours. But these past few days have seen temps over 100 degrees. And […]

18 Nov

Crystal Lamp Back On

Last winter season I wrote about a Himalayan Salt Crystal lamp that I had picked up. I used it all season, and I found it really helped with the static electricity in the air. It is also used to neutralize the ions in the air to make it more refreshing and the orange glow from […]

23 Apr

Still Watching the Spending

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine. Cooking and baking for my family has always been a big priority for me. Making most things from scratch is quite important, and even though it is more time consuming, the costs are cheaper and I know […]

30 Jan

Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp

Have you ever heard about or seen one of these beautiful Himalayan Salt Crystal lamps? We purchased one about two weeks ago and would recommend one to anybody. Not only is the soft orange/peach glow so relaxing, there are actually health benefits to using one. These lamps are made from pollutant free salt crystals that […]

08 Jan

A Few Good Thoughts

I would like to share a portion of an email that I received earlier this week. It had some really good points, and I couldn’t let it pass without some mention. A few things to work on each day: Personality: Don’t compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all […]

01 Oct

Feeding Baby

It’s a most natural thing that every mother thinks of – providing for her child. From the day they are born, mothers are always concerned with this. Even when they grow up with families of their own, we still feel this need to help and nourish in any way we can. I am soon to […]

12 Jul

The Scare of Rabies

This post is a quick update to the post that I did back on June that is titled: Nightly Visitors. We had been seeing a couple of beautiful Gray Foxes strolling through our yard on a regular basis. They were after the few crumbs of bread that I put out for the birds early in […]

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