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05 Oct

Blue Honey?

The bees in France have gotten very creative in the honey making. And the beekeepers are not at all impressed with their creativeness. It seems they were limited in the amount of sugar they could find to produce their honey due to a harsh winter season, so they went for the next best thing that […]

24 May

Feeding the Robins

I love to feed the birds. Seed for the seed eaters. Suet especially for the woodpeckers. Nectar for the hummers. And cracked corn and bread crumbs for the ground birds. I get a big variety of birds to the feeders and all are pretty happy. But I feel bad for the robins – they don’t […]

02 Oct

Can’t Eat That

I heard on a PBS show this morning that people are starting to get back to the basics. The basics of gardening and having a few chickens around for eggs and meat. They went on to show how quickly and inexpensively one could build a chicken coop. Sounded pretty awesome to me. Then the rest […]

04 Jun

A New Gardening Approach

For many years we have had our gardens in the raised beds that we put in about 20 years ago. Each spring we add organic manure, new top soil, and some peat moss. This year we are trying a whole new approach. Our raised beds have produced okay, but I think they are getting a […]

07 May

White Asparagus

Have you ever seen this kind of asparagus? In this country, and in most around the world, the green variety is the one we are most familiar with. In Germany – this white version is just about the only kind they will eat. And this white kind is the exact same as the green kind […]

04 Feb

Family Telepathy

I had not made a batch of Chocolate Chip cookies for a couple of months now. Last time was before the Thanksgiving holiday. The itch to make a batch had been nagging at the back of my brain for about a week. I didn’t mention it to anyone – figured I would fit it in […]

02 Oct

Finishing the Harvest

Just a couple of days ago it was 81 degrees – way above normal for this time of the year. The garden certainly hasn’t minded though. The weatherman is forecasting the potential for frost tonight – a bit early for that in our area. Fresh basil is my absolute favorite herb, and I have been […]

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