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20 Jun

Playing Cribbage

  Cribbage – a card game my husband has played with his family for years. I’d watch, but could never quite get into it – they moved so fast it was hard to understand it. Well, after 32 years, the time had come for me to finally learn, It seemed like so much to keep […]

08 Apr

The Osprey Have Returned

The osprey on Hog Island in Maine have returned for the 2014 season. And it is so good to see them! With the winter being so much colder this year and the snow sticking around for so much longer, it seemed that spring would never get here. But when the osprey come back, it means […]

06 Feb

A Little Farm

  This spring season will be bringing some exciting changes for our daughter. And us too as we want to be involved in her new adventure. A small homesteading farm is in her future. The little chicks have been ordered and will be delivered the first week in April. The seeds will be started for […]

26 Aug

Osprey Update

The nest was finished, the eggs hatched, and all three babies have fledged. Rachel and Steve, the Osprey pair that we have watched all summer, are now teaching their offspring the fine art of feeding themselves. Every once and a while, Sky, Ollie, or Sibley will make their way back to the nest in hopes […]

17 Jan

New TV Show

We watch a lot of PBS shows on TV, and the only other major channel we get is an ABC station. And I must say, they finally have a show on that the whole family can watch. It’s called, Once Upon a Time. This fantasy based show entwines classic children’s tales with modern day life, […]

03 Dec

Old Reruns

We never had cable hooked up to our TV. The old antenna on top of the roof is the only thing we have ever used for reception. Up until a couple of years ago, it was enough to get all the major channels. When broadcasting went digital, we were left with only a couple of […]

24 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving!

Giving Thanks for a beautiful, loving family. Giving Thanks for the delicious food we eat. Giving Thanks for our home that has kept us warm and safe. Giving Thanks that we live in a country where we can dream and achieve. And Giving Thanks to the Men and Women who work to keep it that […]

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