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06 Jun

Proud Parents

I just have to take a few minutes to write a post about my son. He is a senior in high school who will be graduating in a couple of weeks. His school had an awards night last week, and we were invited to attend this event. He received an award of Excellence on his […]

09 Dec

A Most Beautiful Award

I have just been given a most beautiful award that touches my heart deeply. Maitri, over at Maitri’s Heart has bestowed it upon me. She has created a list, Maitri’s Compassionate Living Links List, that is an ongoing project committed to spreading and sharing compassion around the world. In joining this list, we are joining […]

14 Nov

A Visit Under the Sea

One of our favorite blogs has created a most beautiful award for all their friends. This blog, The Right Blue, contains beautiful images from under the sea. The authors are master divers who have spent many hours photographing, logging, and observing the underwater life over many years and all over the globe. Filled with many […]

11 Sep

Our First Award

We have received an award from Hilary, over at Designing Hilary. It is the first award for this blog, and we are quite honored and pleased that she bestowed it upon us. She is one of our favorites to visit and if you get a chance to drop by her blog, you will find the […]

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