A little bit of everything is here – you can jump with us – or not – feel free to leave a comment!

This blog was started to compile many of our interests that just don’t fit into the subjects of our other blogs.

The main blog that has been established for over a year and a half features photography.  On some of the posts of this blog, we will be pulling in some of the photos from that blog if they fit with the content of the post.  There will be a watermark across these images – they are not being used without permission.

Many of the unmarked images are from our cell phones, or are free images on the web.  When any images are used from other photographers, credit will be given to them and their work.

If you enjoy any of our posts, please leave a comment.  We are striving to keep a positive, thoughtful tone in our posts and hope you come back often to visit.  Thanks for looking, and enjoy!!

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