13 Aug

Perseid Meteor Showers

The Perseid Meteors are in full force at this time of the year.

The prime time to see them is during the new moon phase, which is the darkest it gets during the moon cycle.

This year, the best dates to view them is August 12 and 13.

We went out last night after midnight, and what a surprise we had.

There were supposed to be 60-80 meteors visible each hour.

We watched for about 10 minutes and saw a few small, thin lines streak across the sky.

Then, very quickly, we saw the biggest shooting star that either of us has ever seen.

It streaked across our sky view and it was so bright and so long, and very thick.

It was just beautiful and very exciting!

And the starry Milky Way was just above our heads, adding it’s beauty to the scene.

We will take another peek tonight at that vast night sky, but it will be pretty hard to beat the show that Mother Nature gave us last night!

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