20 Jun

Playing Cribbage


Cribbage – a card game my husband has played with his family for years.

I’d watch, but could never quite get into it – they moved so fast it was hard to understand it.

Well, after 32 years, the time had come for me to finally learn,

It seemed like so much to keep track of.

And my husband had been playing for over 55 years and knew every play and count by heart.

It was very discouraging.

But, having learned from the best, I finally got the hang of it along with a few skunks under my belt.

We have taught the kids over the past few months, and they are enjoying it as much as I am.

And playing doubles is a blast too.

So glad that Sir John Suckling invented this gentlemen’s game back in the early 1600’s.  

I bet he never thought his cribbage invention would be one of the most popular card games of all times and endure through the ages as it has.

I missed out on it all these years gone by – but we are making up for it now.

And another good thing about it – it keeps those old brain cells cooking!


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