06 Feb

A Little Farm


This spring season will be bringing some exciting changes for our daughter.

And us too as we want to be involved in her new adventure.

A small homesteading farm is in her future.

The little chicks have been ordered and will be delivered the first week in April.

The seeds will be started for the gardens shortly after that.

Then comes the ground breaking for the gardens – beautiful land that can be expanded each year.

Within a couple of years, sheep, pigs, rabbits, and a cow will join the chickens.

My grandparents owned a farm many years ago in pretty much the same area she has now moved to.

Two generations have been far away from that location and lifestyle.

It’s in my girl’s genes – and I am sure my grandparents would be proud to see how things come full circle – even if it takes many years.

Her goal of being self sufficient is a great way of life for her family.

It will be a lot of work, but they are looking forward to the benefits they will get from it.

I do wish we were physically closer to her, but the trip each time will be part of the experience.

And I can’t wait!

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