15 May

Screech Owl

Getting ready for bed the other night, I paused beside the open window to listen to an Owl hooting not too far away.

I love to hear their call just as much as I love to listen to the other birds during the day.

It was a little bit before five o’clock in the morning when I heard him again, and I almost jumped out of bed at his sound.

The Robins were beginning their daily welcome to the day when there was a loud screech just outside the window.

The robins all stopped their song as everyone just froze and listened.

Then I hear that familiar hooting again, and I realized what had made that noise.

It was the first time I have heard a screech owl, and it was certainly a shocker.

Within a few minutes the morning returned to normal, the robins singing with the cardinals joining in.

Hope all was well with the owl too!

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