14 Feb

Earth From Space on NOVA

We watched a great show show last night on PBS’s show NOVA.

It was titled: Earth From Space.

It was a two hour special that we didn’t even know was on until we discovered it while going through the channels – so glad we caught it from the beginning.

It was a very well put together program that interacted with several NASA scientists as they explained what the 120 satellites do that are in orbit around our plant.

There were great visuals from the satellites and all the explanations were very easy to understand and they really held the attention.

Our beautiful planet maintains such a delicate balance of all the forces that support life.

It is seriously a circle of life, all dependent on everything working flawlessly together to keep it all going.

From space and the sun, to the atmosphere surrounding us, to all the surface elements, and to the heartbeat deep within the the planet itself.

Every aspect is explored and explained, and it was extremely interesting to view.

I was amazed at what these satellites capture and how the scientists are able to put it all together.

If you get a chance to view this program it is well worth your time.

We live on an amazing planet and all the forces that work to support life on it are just as amazing.

A very delicate balance that shows how life is really a true gift to us all!

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