29 Jan

Lots of Robins

I haven’t seen any robins around my house, but just a couple miles away it was a different story.

Temps have been in the single digits this past week with the night time ones below zero degrees.

So I was very surprised to see all these robins.

While driving into a small shopping center, I noticed a few Robins sitting in a bare tree.

They then flew over to another group of trees, and that’s when I had quite the sight.

There had to be over thirty robins, and all of then were very plump and looking well-fed.

Don’t have any idea where they are keeping themselves warm since they are usually in the warmer climates at this time of the year.

And they must be eating a lot of something to be as big as they were.

I am hoping that seeing them means that we are going to have an early spring.

With Ground Hog day only being a few days away, I hope he has that very same opinion that the robins do!

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