26 Aug

Osprey Update

The nest was finished, the eggs hatched, and all three babies have fledged.

Rachel and Steve, the Osprey pair that we have watched all summer, are now teaching their offspring the fine art of feeding themselves.

Every once and a while, Sky, Ollie, or Sibley will make their way back to the nest in hopes of mooching a meal from mom or dad.

It’s still working for them, but those meals are few and far between now.

Several times I have seen the eldest, Sky, return with a fish – she has even brought one in for her younger sibling.

The sunsets are magnificent as the summer days begin to draw to an end.

This family will soon begin it’s long migration to warmer climates for the winter.

Mom Rachel will be the first to leave – I’d like to think she was saying good-by to all us viewers as she stood one evening last week at the edge of her empty nest for quite some time.

The chicks will each leave – one by one, with Dad Steve leaving last – hopefully to help the youngsters if they need it.

The parents will return next spring and the offspring will spend another year down south before they head back up this way to begin their familes.

Unfortunately none of them are banded, so their fate will remain unknown.

But, we have a tell-tale identification for the eldest chick, Sky.

She has a drooping wing that the Audubon has stated will most likely stay that way as she has learned to successfully adapt to life with her disability.

All of our eyes will be peeled in the spring of 2014 for a glimpse of this little beauty.

Godspeed to this little family as this new chapter in their lives begins.

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    Sandra Parshall Says:

    I have loved watching Rachel and Steve raise their chicks this summer, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know the other osprey fans on explore.org. I’m already looking forward to seeing the parents return to the nest next March and start a new batch of baby birds. What a great invention the live webcam is!

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