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29 May

All Those June Bugs

They’re back – all those big June Bugs. Fluttering outside the screen of the open window as they go towards the light I have on beside me. When the fluttering sound stops, I look at the screen and see about eight of these critters, holding onto the screen, their tiny feet wrapped around the inside. […]

26 May

Couples Questions

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TwoOfUs for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Sometimes it is hard to find the answers or advice you need when issues come up with the significant other in your life. And there are so many different stages to being a couple. It starts […]

12 May

Favorite Car

I heard a commercial on TV today – it stated we each owned 12 cars in our lifetime, and had one favorite of them all. I got to thinking. I have owned quite a few more than that – I have been lucky to drive many different kinds, brands, and styles. But I didn’t even […]

07 May

White Asparagus

Have you ever seen this kind of asparagus? In this country, and in most around the world, the green variety is the one we are most familiar with. In Germany – this white version is just about the only kind they will eat. And this white kind is the exact same as the green kind […]

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