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28 Apr

High Cost of Fuel

The citizens of the US have always had a “deal” when it comes to gasoline and petroleum products. Europe has always been quite a bit more expensive than us, so I am sure that worldwide, our rising prices is just looked upon as finally we are catching up to them. Perhaps, but when I hear […]

19 Apr

She Had a Big Decision

We all know the familiar looking turkey that is used for decorating around Thanksgiving time. As a child, I never saw a turkey look like that. And all these years later, all I have ever seen of the wild turkeys, both male and female, were flocks of them in fields with long tail feathers. None […]

09 Apr

A Day for Outdoors

It was a gorgeous day here in New England. Just right for a walk outside. And we were not the only ones thinking along those lines. We saw many individuals jogging. Lots of people were walking all over town. Then there were those on bicycles – alone, couples, and families too. But the best sight […]

03 Apr

Hanging Out the Laundry

I had been checking the snow pile under the clotheslines for the past couple of weeks now. And each time, it was just a tad too high to hang out the clothes. Well, today was the day. It was only about ten inches high – that left plenty of room to hang – especially if […]

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