21 Jan

Rising Volcano

Yellowstone National Park has a supervolcano with a caldera that measures 25 miles by 37 miles.

This caldera (the top or crater of the volcano) has been watched for many years – if the volcano were to erupt, this would be the area that the hot magma would spew from.

Scientists have measured the ground and seen it rise up to 10 inches over the last decade.

During the 1980’s it rose over 7 inches, but fell back down 5 inches in the next decade.

Just like our chests expand with air as we breathe in and exhale, this caldera bulges and shrinks as the hot magma running underneath it rises and falls.

This is a very natural thing for them to do according to the scientists, and since the last eruption was over 70,000 years ago, it is hard for them to determine any conclusions since our few years of studying it pale in comparison to it’s age of over 640,000 years when it was created.

It will be interesting to see if the caldera falls back in this next decade as it did the last time it rose in the 1980’s.

Pretty interesting stuff, and I am sure National Geographic will keep us updated.

Our planet is a marvelous place and each time I read something about her workings, I think how fortunate we all are to be here and experience all this beauty she has to offer.

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