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29 Jan

No See Them – No Touch Them

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Victor Pest. All opinions are 100% mine. Uploaded with Skitch! They have been coming around for years – you can count on it every fall season as the days and nights get colder. You don’t see them in the beginning, but they are around, […]

27 Jan

A New Old Therapy for Wounds

Old is becoming new again in the medical field. And it involves using a totally natural product for healing – maggots. The antibiotics that we have been using for the last 50 years or so are starting to become “immune” to many of the “super bacteria” that have developed from incorrect and over usage of […]

21 Jan

Rising Volcano

Yellowstone National Park has a supervolcano with a caldera that measures 25 miles by 37 miles. This caldera (the top or crater of the volcano) has been watched for many years – if the volcano were to erupt, this would be the area that the hot magma would spew from. Scientists have measured the ground […]

20 Jan

That Heart Holiday

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hiltons of Branson. All opinions are 100% mine. It is coming upon us fast – that special day for lovers of all ages – Valentine’s Day. After 28 years of marriage, we no longer celebrate this as a special day – they are all […]

18 Jan

Help for the Disabled

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine. Getting back into the swing of everyday life is hard after an accident. If it was an accident that left one disabled, not only is it hard physically, but the mental toll of trying to do the everyday […]

17 Jan

Growing So Quickly

The little hands and the little feet are not quite so chubby any more. The little legs are now carrying him all over the house as the arms clutch the beloved blankie close. The eyes are bright and smiling and filled with such love. And those cheeks just beg for kisses that are willingly given […]

08 Jan

The Concept of Money

While I was driving in the car today, I listened to NPR as I usually do. At noon today, they had on the This American Life program, and it was centered around money and just “what” it was. I found it more interesting than I thought it was going to be, and it really had […]

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