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25 Sep

Autumn Creeping In

It is always hard to let go of the summer. We cling to it as autumn slowly begins to creep in. The leaves slowly change until one morning you look out and it seems as if it happened overnight. Then you get a glorious day like today – 81 degrees and bright sunshine everywhere. The […]

19 Sep

Silence Quote by Dalai Lama

Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent. – Dalai Lama

12 Sep

Mystery Solved

We discovered what was in the water in my last post. We had to wait a couple of days – the wind had made the water so rough that it had churned up the sand and silt in the lake. That makes it pretty hard to see anything underwater even with a mask. Each of […]

03 Sep

Something in the Water

If you have been reading any of my blogs over this past summer, then you know that my husband and I have been swimming just about everyday since the beginning of July. We have only missed a handful of days due to the weather – bad weather because we even swim in the rain. We […]

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