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28 Aug

Afternoon Motorcycle Ride

We don’t get to ride too often these days, but today was a day that we did. And how grand it was! For years before we had a family, we went everywhere on our motorcycle – even climbed Mount Washington when it was still dirt. Once the children started arriving, I wouldn’t take the risk […]

20 Aug

Breaking the Sound Barrier

Did you know that you can “see” sound? Take a look at the above image that has been borrowed from the Wiki. It is a Navy FA-18 Hornet that is passing from transonic to supersonic speed. The white halo is said to form from the condensed water droplets in the air as the air pressure […]

09 Aug

Dangerous Swimming

We have made it a point to go swimming every day at the lake for some much needed exercise. We have gone to this lake for 28 summers and it has only been closed a couple of times due to Bluegreen Algae that covers the whole lake. A good rain soaking usually takes care of […]

01 Aug

Deer at Night

We live in the country and are well aware of the wildlife on the roads at night. For all the years we have lived here, we have been pretty lucky. But we aren’t usually out on the roads much at night either. My son was driving his girlfriend home last Wednesday night about 10:15. Not […]

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