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25 Jul

What a Surprise!

I had such a great surprise the other afternoon. We were swimming at the lake about 5:30 in the afternoon. We like to swim away from the beach area – less people and deeper water. In fact, we were the only ones there at the time – and it was great. Turning from back floating […]

17 Jul

A Special Gift

My little grandson has just turned seven months old. He came and spent the night with us last night, and what a good time we all had! Viewing the world through his eyes is a great joy – everything is so new and exciting for him. I have raised two children, and when you are […]

11 Jul

New Blog on Tech Tips

Last weekend one of our computers had become infected with a nasty piece of malware. Even though I had encountered it before, it had regenerated into a tough one that required lots of extra time researching how to get rid of it. I knew I had the links somewhere but couldn’t find them anywhere. Well, […]

02 Jul

Summer and the Swimming is Good!

The water seemed a bit chilly at first, but after the dunk in, it was just gorgeous! Not too crowded when we arrived around 5:00pm, so we had a good swim without any interference with other swimmers. It was so good! The freedom of the water makes the joints feel so much better and of […]

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