09 Apr

Let’s Jump is Two

a wood foot bridge in the summer

It has been two years since I started this blog and it has gone by pretty quickly.

I run four different blogs, and this is one of two that is self-hosted.

Since self-hosted blogs cost money each month to “rent” the space, I had to think long and hard about keeping this one going.

As much as I enjoy my other blogs, this one has always seemed most special to me, and the thought of closing, or even moving it to free hosting, didn’t sit too well with me.

When I started it two years ago, I did a few paid posts here and there, and it brought in enough money to cover the cost of the hosting.

Over the last year, the paid posts have dried up, and that was one of the concerns of keeping this blog – how to pay for it.

Well, wouldn’t you know, it was as if someone was reading my mind, as I certainly didn’t voice this thought to anyone.

Over the last two days, I was offered a couple of posts – good ones that I enjoyed writing about and wasn’t opposed to.

So, I have decided to bite the bullet, and reserve my hosting space for another two years.

Hopefully the quality paid posts won’t be too few and far between, and I thank you all for supporting me with them.

I only choose quality posts that I would enjoy reading about myself, and I will keep that promise to my readers and not subject them to junk posts.

And I thank you all, my friends, for all your comments and thoughts over the last two years – it has made blogging so much more enjoyable and I appreciate it more that you could know!

2 Responses to “Let’s Jump is Two”

  1. 1
    Vixen Says:

    That is good news. Glad you will keep going!

  2. 2
    Fisher Says:

    Congratulations! Your blog looks terrific.

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