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30 Jul

Kids in the Rain

There had been warnings and reports all morning and early afternoon of the potential for torrential downpours and thunderstorms. From the above image, we knew they were on their way, and we were just waiting. I remember the last time we had these very heavy downpours – it was about 10 years ago, and you […]

25 Jul

Another Visitor

It started with the foxes – which now number three. Then came the extra large raccoon that had all he could do to waddle across the yard. Yesterday we had a visitor that had my heart pumping at a furious rate. It was about 6:00 pm, and one of the foxes had made his rounds […]

23 Jul

College Days are Approaching

College is not something to take lightly these days – especially with the cost of it being so high. And with the economy, one is not even assured of a position after they graduate. We have saved a bit on the side for each of our children, but there is no way possible to save […]

21 Jul

Smell Quote by Helen Keller

Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousand of miles and all the years you have lived. – by Helen Keller Another great quote by Helen Keller, and she is so correct.  Her sense of smell must have been so much more acute than any of ours. We sometimes take for granted what […]

16 Jul

Earth Observatory

Can you tell what this image is of? If you guessed a volcano erupting some steam and covered with snow-white clouds, then you are correct. This image was captured by one of the NASA Earth Observatory satellites on June 28, 2009. It is Manam Volcano, located just off the Papau New Guina mainland. This 6 […]

12 Jul

The Scare of Rabies

This post is a quick update to the post that I did back on June that is titled: Nightly Visitors. We had been seeing a couple of beautiful Gray Foxes strolling through our yard on a regular basis. They were after the few crumbs of bread that I put out for the birds early in […]

06 Jul

So Delicious – Shrimp Primavera

This is such a delicious dish. We use shrimp quite often, but I have also made it with chicken, and it is just as good. After trying a frozen stir fry of this dish, I decicided to try making it myself, and it is so easy. And if you watch the sales, it can be […]

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