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25 Mar

Shortcuts Quote by Beverly Sills

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. – by Beverly Sills

19 Mar

The Robin Announces Spring

I hadn’t heard this particular song since last autumn, and I was quite happy to hear it today on my daily walk. And what song was that you may ask – it was the song that announces Spring – even if it was a day early. I heard it coming from across my neighbor’s yard, […]

13 Mar

Dolphins Creating and Playing

I don’t usually post videos on this blog, but I saw this story on the news a couple of nights ago, and was happy to find out there was more about it online. I don’t know how many of you caught the newscast, but I found these dolphins to be totally amazing. They form ring […]

11 Mar

Eagle Cam on the Coast of Maine

I borrowed the this image from the National Geographic site so I could share with you an interesting web cam that my niece shared with me a couple of days ago. The site is the Bio Diversity Research Institute and they have a web cam set up 70 feet high in a pine tree on […]

04 Mar


This image is a NASA illustration that shows the space junk that is orbiting the Earth. When I first saw this image I was totally astounded – I couldn’t believe we had polluted our atmosphere to this degree. Through the years we had heard off and on about satellites being put into orbit, and of […]

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