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29 Oct

Finally Settled

It’s darker than what I wanted, but I finally settled on a theme. If I had a little extra money I would have had one custom designed. If I have the guts to fool with the CSS, I may try changing some of the colors. Firefox has a neat extention that lets you change the […]

28 Oct

Searching for a new Theme

I have been searching the internet for a new theme for Let’s Jump Together. I can’t believe how much there is out there for wordpress blogs – and how I am having such a hard time to find something I really like. You would think with such a vast selection it would be easy. Either […]

24 Oct

Being Frugal is in Our Blood

Spending our money wisely and living within our means has always been a way of life for us. I don’t consider myself a penny pincher, but I am not against using coupons, or looking for the best deal I can find before I make a purchase. And if it is a major purchase, then more […]

19 Oct

Hardy Autumn Blooms

One of the few blooms that are hardy enough to survive the frosts of New England are these pretty little Mums. This was the second morning that we awoke to a yard filled with frost-covered leaves. As the sun warms up the less hardy plants, they wilt and turn brown as the morning goes on. […]

13 Oct

Poop Goes Green

We have all heard about cow manure and how much methane gas it produces. Until now there has been no way to capture this gas and use it – it was wasted into the atmosphere – contributing to the greenhouse effect on the planet. Listening to NPR, as I enjoy doing, they were talking with […]

08 Oct

Getting Back to Normal

It has been a rough week and a half, but I think we have finally got things stabilized with the blog software. I want to thank everyone who has supported me with encouraging words during this time – it is much appreciated! I also want to apologize to the ECers who had purchased ads during […]

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