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31 May


Green and white variegated hosta in the garden.  Taken before it has flowered.  Another shot from the cell phone. Trying to figure the video mode for uploading to the blog.  They have a strange extension that no programs seem to recognize.  There must be some way of getting them up here – will do more […]

30 May

Purple Lilacs

Purple Lilacs This image was taken with the camera in my phone. I was surprised with the color and exposure that this little camera can produce. It’s taken with a Sony Walkman W580i and has not been retouched or edited in any way.

30 May

Plug Ins

Adding the plugs mentioned below was quite easy – the instructions are all spelled out within the description and are easy to follow. I also figured out how to add more modules (widgets) in the sidebar – also pretty easy. I did see that as I added widgets to it, it would overwrite the ones […]

29 May

Making Adjustments

Been spending some time learning the wordpress software. I have always used blogger and have tried a free wordpress blog, but found it way too limiting. Wanting to self host with a domain name left me no choice but to try wordpress. I have found it much more customizable, and the install went fine since […]

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