08 Apr

The Osprey Have Returned

rach4714 300x168 The Osprey Have Returned

The osprey on Hog Island in Maine have returned for the 2014 season.

And it is so good to see them!

With the winter being so much colder this year and the snow sticking around for so much longer, it seemed that spring would never get here.

But when the osprey come back, it means that spring has indeed arrived!

For the past two days there has been a female at the nest, but we are pretty sure it isn’t Rachel, the one who has returned year after year.

The male showed up today – and we are pretty certain it is Steve, Rachel’s mate.

He usually gets here before Rachel each year, so that’s another reason we are sure the female isn’t her.

We are waiting for her return so she can claim her nest as in years past.

Until then, Steve will continue to get the nest ready for her – bringing new sticks and moving the old ones around – making it just right for the new season.

 Another exciting season is beginning for this osprey family and we will be watching!


06 Feb

A Little Farm

cowfair S A Little Farm


This spring season will be bringing some exciting changes for our daughter.

And us too as we want to be involved in her new adventure.

A small homesteading farm is in her future.

The little chicks have been ordered and will be delivered the first week in April.

The seeds will be started for the gardens shortly after that.

Then comes the ground breaking for the gardens – beautiful land that can be expanded each year.

Within a couple of years, sheep, pigs, rabbits, and a cow will join the chickens.

My grandparents owned a farm many years ago in pretty much the same area she has now moved to.

Two generations have been far away from that location and lifestyle.

It’s in my girl’s genes – and I am sure my grandparents would be proud to see how things come full circle – even if it takes many years.

Her goal of being self sufficient is a great way of life for her family.

It will be a lot of work, but they are looking forward to the benefits they will get from it.

I do wish we were physically closer to her, but the trip each time will be part of the experience.

And I can’t wait!

21 Dec

A Cold Winter Solstice

north3 300x168 A Cold Winter Solstice

 Winter Solstice has arrived – the shortest day of the year in daylight hours.

Even though winter has just begun and the hardest weather is yet to come, there is consolation in the fact that each day is getting a bit longer.

Of course the longer and shorter days don’t matter as much as one heads towards the equator since they do not have the swings that the rest of the globe has.

But for the poles, that is a different story.

And I am sure glad to not be in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, where these ships are frozen in their winter port in Hudson Bay.

The sun rose at 9:07 today and it sets at 3:22 – just six short hours of day light.

And the temperature there is -27 degrees fahrenheit – during the day.

And it has been that way for a couple of weeks now – those boats are going to be there for a long time.

I can’t complain about my temps in the teens – not after seeing what these people deal with.

This is the first year that the Explore.org website has kept these cameras active during this time of the year.

Many of them, including the osprey cam in Maine, and the owl cam in Montana, are being kept live.

I love to visit them off and on during the day – the landscapes and weather are great to watch until the wildlife returns in the spring.

And the sunsets in Hawaii are gorgeous too when one gets chilled from looking at all these snowy scenes.

A big thank you to the folks that work to keep these live cams going for us – their work is appreciated!

05 Dec

A Cold Winter

branchice S A Cold Winter

The Old Farmer’s Almanac has always been a fun read for us New Englanders.

Checking out what they have to say about the weather and the coming winter season is my favorite part.

Well, this year, they are predicting a much colder than normal winter.

We don’t usually take too much stock in what they have to say – it’s winter, it’s cold, and it snows – all to be expected.

But last week, when it was still only November, and the temp didn’t even reach 20 degrees during the day, it made me think twice.

January cold in November – I wonder if the almanac might know something we don’t after all!

12 Oct

A Great Series

Mezzanine 171.jpg.fit.344x192 A Great Series

The last episode of the Earthflight series on the Nature show by PBS aired this week.

Each one of the shows was a joy to watch.

I didn’t think the last one would be as good as the previous ones as I figured it would be mostly technical, but I was very wrong.

It was amazing to see how the awesome footage was obtained.

And the relationships that the dedicated trainers and owners have with their birds is incredible.

Becoming part of a bird’s flock takes a lot of work but it is rewarded with the devotion they show to their trainers.

And the one that I found the most touching was the parrots in the South American episode.

As we learned in that final show, the trainer raised his parrots from babies.

But what he did, which the others did not, was to release his birds back into the wild.

There are many many of these birds in the wild, and there is no way to tell any of them apart from his birds.

They fit right in with the wild ones.

But when he calls to them from his boat on the river, those birds come to him – and not because they want food or something from him.

He is one of them to them, and they recognize him as such.

And they love him – you can see it in the way they still allow him to scratch their heads and massage them around their wings.

They close their eyes and just enjoy it.

What a special and beautiful relationship he has with those birds.

It shows how smart birds are too – they don’t forget him.

Earthflight was a great series and this is one watcher who totally enjoyed it.

Many thanks to PBS for putting it together and sharing it with the world.

That final episode proves an old saying too:

“If you love something, set it free.  If it comes back to you it’s yours, if not, then it was never meant to be”

What a special gift those parrots give to that trainer – one few of us will ever experience.

Thank you for sharing!

07 Oct

Autumn Splendor

objaut1 S Autumn Splendor

Most of the swamp maples in our area have reached their peak of bright colors.

Caught at just the right time of the day, their colors seem to glow.

The rest of trees will reach their peak this weekend – right on time as always.

Autumn has always been my favorite season here in New England, with Spring coming in a close second.

How lucky we are to live in an area where we get to experience all of Mother Nature’s glorious seasons!

04 Sep

Earthflight Nature Show on PBS


Watch EARTHFLIGHT Preview on PBS. See more from Nature.

 So excited about a new Nature show on PBS!

I just got an email from the Audubon Society – and none to soon either.

This new show is in conjunction with PBS’s Nature show and the Audubon Society and the first in the series begins tonight at 8:00.

It is called Earthflight, and the series will run for six weeks.

This special presentation from Nature took four years to make and it is filmed across six continents.

There were some trained birds involved that wore tiny HD cameras on their backs so I am sure the photography and video in this series is going to be spectacular.

Nature has always been one of my favorite shows and when they get the birds involved, well, it doesn’t get any better than that!

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